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This drug is quite common as well potent in nature of medicine it has all possible qualities required for a medicine to treat common cough as well congestion in throat related issue in people. You can Buy Hydrocodone Online from us at quite reasonable price as well without any doctor’s prescribed prescription. Doctor suggest use of this drug in order to minimize cough and congestion in adults as well as it is quite suitable for the children’s above the age of 15yrs. This drug is very good until the time when it is used for the drug-abuse.

Hydrocodone is mainly a medicine which is basically potent in nature. With the combination of anticholinergic or the antihistamines it is widely used for the treatment of cough related issues. This medicine is to be advised not to be consuming if you have suffered from some sort of liver injury within a time lapse of a year. As it is purely a combination with of that acetaminophen which in turn may sometimes be a cause to several acute as well minor liver failure based cases due to this kindly avoid its overdose. 

We sale both the variants you can buy original one as well patients can also receive its generic versions drug too. Generally, the doctor’s recommended doses are to be consumed after each 5-6 hours. 

Warning for the over dosage consumption of Hydrocodone 10/325mg

Due to the regular intake of this medicine it may sometimes lead to various serious as well much life-threatening allergies. Its side effects may take place very instantly. Following are the listed side effects or the symptoms 

  • Itching in  the body organs
  • Breathing  related problems
  • Rashes in body
  • Feeling Vomiting issue
  • Swelling in your throat, on your face as well on the mouth regions

Hydrocodone 10/325mg based side effects

If the medicine is overdosed or mistreated, then it will surely lend you up with serious side effects as they would become the cause for serious and harmful effects like as, addiction and other withdrawal based symptoms too. Some of the effects are 

  • respiratory depression, 
  • sedation feeling, 
  • euphoria issue 


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