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Gabapentin helps you out to treat serious pain caused by the by the herpes virus or the shingles (herpes zoster). This drug is mainly used to treat seizures, or the muscle related issue if formed. This medicines regulate the GABA which is a natural chemical generated in our body in proper levels. If someone’s body lacks in producing GABA then this drug will sure help you out in such cases. You can Buy Gabapentin Online from us and we offer doorstep delivery to you.

Always use only the brand and the form of the gabapentin prescribed by your doctor as others may be harmful for you. Always had a check on your drugs each time you get your refill so as in order to make sure that you always get the correct form of the drug.

Side Effects due to Gabapentin 300/800mg

Immediately seek medical help if you have suffered from any of the below listed issues-

  • Had serious increased in your seizures;
  • Feeling excessive or the severe weakness either tiredness;
  • Faced issues with the balance or the muscle movement;
  • Feeling upper stomach pain;
  • Sometimes feeling chest pain, had new or the worsening cough along with the fever, or having trouble in breathing;
  • Had severe tingling or numbness;
  • Facing rapid eye movement; or
  • Suffered kidney problems like as little or no urination, or painful or the difficult urination, either having swelling in your feet or ankles.

 Gabapentin 300/800mg Should be Avoided if 

Gabapentin 300/800mg should totally be avoided by you if you have history of such issues listed below either check on your medical practitioner for help-

  • Had  a kidney disease (or if you are on dialysis);
  • Having serious diabetes;
  • Had acute depression, or the mood disorder, or a suicidal thoughts or the actions;
  • Having a seizure issue (unless you take gabapentin to treat seizures);
  • Had a liver disease;
  • Had a heart disease;
  • Suffering from RLS , either persons with the night shift based working schedule.

Consult your doctor well before consuming or in-taking the Gabapentin 300/800mg as how effective is this it can land you up with many issues if not properly taken care of its dosages and the abuses.


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