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Diazepam, marketed under the brand name valium is employed in the treatment of seizures, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, anxiety disorder and muscle spasms. It is also available in the market as a generic drug. Valium is a medication from the class of benzodiazepines. It is listed as a schedule IV drug under the controlled substances act (CSA). Buy Valium online to treat the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Dosage considerations

For maximum therapeutic effect, the valium dose is adjusted taking into consideration the specific health concerns of the individual concerned. Though the daily dosage of the medication outlined below will suit the requirements of many patients, some may need a higher dosage. In such a case, the dose should be gradually increased on the recommendation of a qualified medical practitioner. 

The usual dosage to treat anxiety disorder and get relief from its symptoms is 2 mg to 10 mg two to four times a day in adults, depending on the seriousness of the mental health condition. In order to get relief from acute alcohol withdrawal symptoms, the prescribed dose is 10 mg three or four times in 24 hours, and then bringing it down to 5 mg three or four times a day or as required. Buy Valium online to prevent anxiety attacks without going to the drugstore.

This medication may be ingested three or four times a day in the strength of 2 mg to 10 mg for relief from skeletal muscle spasm. In the treatment of convulsive disorders, valium 2mg to 10 mg should be taken two to four times a day. 

Valium overdose 

Mild overdose of this medication is generally characterized by confusion, drowsiness and lethargy.  Severe symptoms include diminished reflexes, CNS depression, low blood pressure, ataxia, hypotonia and respiratory depression. Its overdose with other CNS depressants can prove life-threatening and should be regularly monitored.

Management of Valium overdosage

General supportive measures such as monitoring of pulse, respiration and blood pressure should be employed. Induce vomiting within an hour I the patient is conscious. Intravenous fluids must be given. Extra attention should be given to cardiac and respiratory function. Order Valium online as it is effective in the treatment of anxiety disorder.